New Programs

ornamentDescribed below are programs which offer new opportunities for you to experience The Raphaelite Work. Additional information on becoming a certified Raphaelite Work practitioner can be found on the Training and Certification page.

Raphaelite Work Meditation Class

The purpose of this class is to orient participants to the unique languages of the physical, mental, emotional, moral, and spiritual parts of ourselves: the Five Domains. While studying various breathing practices and meditation techniques, we approach each meditation with the thought of being present, with no demands or preconceived ideas of what we should feel or think. We approach each class allowing the possibility of a natural intelligence that is linked to the particular meditation to arise and inform us through the languages of the Five Domains.

Raphaelite Work Half Day, Full Day and Two Day Workshops

These classes are a continuation of the meditation class and offer more time to delve deeply into the process of understanding the languages of the Five Domains. We explore the meaning of a "Healing Presence" and examine how The Raphaelite Work uses a process called "Inquiry", in which questions may be asked to help one clarify thoughts, ideas, emotions, feelings, and sensations. The clarity gained through inquiry may foster a new understanding of self and relationships with others. Bringing consciousness to one's breath is used as a method to see how the subtle nuances of sensations, images, thoughts, feelings, and connections we have with family and friends, affect our breath. Other subjects of study are: Transformation and Healing, and The Study of the Elements: earth, water, fire, air, and ether.

Level One: A Two-Year Program

This class is oriented to an in-depth study of personal growth and transformation, stressing the theories and philosophical underpinnings of the Raphaelite Work. Subjects covered include a detailed study of the Five Domains, Presence, and the Domain of the Heart. In addition we look at the opening sequence of The Raphaelite Work hands-on healing session, with special attention to how one's hands are used on the head and feet of a client. This course will carries a certificate of completion, and is especially appropriate for those who are already certified in another healing discipline and wish to add new dimensions to their practice.

Level Two: A Four-Year Program

This complete training course is for those who wish to become certified Raphaelite Work Practitioners. The first two years of this program consists of the Level One curriculum described above. In addition to the Level One, we include training in the hands-on elemental healings, One-to-One Processing, use of the breath, and being present to another. This training course is a true embodiment of the Raphaelite Work curriculum. Students who have completed the Level One course are welcome to join the four year program if they wish.

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