Schedule of Events

Raphaelite Work Events in the United States, Australia, New Zealand, The Netherlands, and Germany.

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United States
For information about Raphaelite Work events in the United States, contact Richard Martin.
Australia and New Zealand
Regular training groups for new and current students of The Raphaelite Work are held in Sydney, Blue Mountains and Canberra. Training and Retreats led by Devi Tide are held both in New Zealand and Australia. For information, contact Kabira Miriam Teresa.
For events in Germany, please consult the Veranstaltungen page on the German RW site: Netzwerk für Raphael-Heilarbeit.
The Netherlands
For information about Raphaelite Work events in Holland, contact Nouria Kousemaker.

For more information about training programs in the Raphaelite Work and how you can enroll, please contact:

Richard Nur-al-Haqq Martin
International Head of The Raphaelite Work

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